Biological Transmutation: Understanding Your Body’s Pharmacy

Did you know that your body can make magnesium if you need it? Did you know that your body can manufacture calcium if you require it? In fact, it can even change magnesium to calcium, and calcium back to magnesium again. Sound impossible? Well it‘s true and it’s just one of the many magnificent functions that your body performs on a daily basis. Biological transmutation, as it is called, is a fundamental process in which one element is changed to another with the help of certain enzymes and hormones as catalysts.

This incredible information was brought to light through the work of Professor Louis Kervran in his book “Biological Transmutation”. He studied the origin and destination of elements. What he discovered was a constant change from one element to another as the need arises. For example, sodium can transmute to potassium, potassium to calcium and calcium to magnesium, just to name a few. The body constantly makes adjustments according to what is required. Let me give you a few examples of this magical process in nature.

  1. Hens denied calcium from their diet produce a perfectly normal egg and shell as long as they have access to potassium.
  2. Plants have been found to contain elements that are not present in the soil that they grow in.
  3. Water cress seeds planted in a bell jar and fed only distilled water, when grown contained more sulphur than had been originally in the seeds.
  4. Hatched chicks had four times more calcium in their bodies than was present in the egg.

How is all this possible? What Professor Kervran’s experiments revealed is that it’s enzymes and hormones that actually transform or produce these elements. So what the above examples show is that deficiencies do not result from the lack of a particular element, they are caused by a lack of a particular enzyme or hormone. In other words, you cannot correct a deficiency by giving the element that is deficient! Let me repeat that because this is vital to understanding health; you cannot correct a deficiency by adding the element that is deficient. The only way to truly restore a deficient element is by stimulating the production of the enzyme or hormone necessary for its transmutation. This is a profound paradigm shift!

So, what can you do if you have a deficiency?

 The answer is organ glandular nutrition; not only does it have all the necessary nutrients to sustain health in a form that the body accepts, but it also provides everything needed for the repair and maintenance of the body. Add to that the enzymes and hormones required for the transmutation of important elements and you have the perfect whole food supplement. This breakthrough completely changes what we know about how the body works, and how we can choose to heal it.