What makes your products different from all the others on the market?
Each product is designed on a physical and emotional level simultaneously to provide a more complete healing. The quality ingredients are sourced from around the world and contain no fillers or preservatives.

Glandular vs Herbal. How do I know which one I need?
Most people require a combination of both herb and glandular formulas in order to achieve the best outcome.

Are your products organic?
These products are not organic as there are currently not enough organic sources to meet the demand. This doesn’t affect the formula’s’ ability to produce a powerful result.

What is the difference between natural and freeze-dried?
Freeze-dried glandulars have not been altered in any way; just as if you took a piece of liver from the butcher and free-dried it yourself, powdered it and put it in a capsule. ‘Natural thyroid’ usually means the gland is processed, extracted or missing some parts of the gland in some way.

Can I take these with other medications? Is it okay to use prescriptions drugs at the same time?
If you are on medications pleased feel free to contact us. We can advise you depending on the drug and dosage.

How long will it be until I see results?
Everyone responds differently, some people notice change in a day or two and other may take two to three weeks to notice.

Are your products okay for kids?
There are only a few products that are not appropriate for kids. If you wish to purchase a formula just for your child, please contact us first and we can advise you.   (link to email)

Will I have to pay customs?
This will vary from country to country. Check the maximum allowable amounts for your country.

Do you have the option of Practitioner accounts? What if I want to order for my clients?
Yes, there is an option for practitioners. Contact us to find out more.