“I’ve been fighting my acne condition for ten years, with virtually every antibiotic and anti-fungal drug you can think of. Eventually I was having blood work done and visiting a top-notch dermatologist every month, and spending over $1,000 a month on prescriptions. All of this yielded some modest results, but frankly I was frustrated beyond belief at the inability of traditional medicine to deal with my problem. When I was referred to Roots of Light through a friend, I was skeptical but honestly felt I had nothing to lose. I noticed a difference in my skin within a few weeks, and close friends said they couldn’t believe the improvement. I was able to discontinue all the prescriptions I was using, and my skin looks the best it has in seven years. I’ve gone from being a skeptic to enthusiastically recommending Roots of Light to others.”

Kevin D.


“The Fully Alive Foods and Roots of Light products have changed my life and nutritional practice. Arriving as a new immigrant from the UK to Christchurch, I was welcomed by the September earthquake. This quickly put in into massive adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid function, manifested by low moods, weeping facial dermatitis, Weight gain and early stages of panic attacks. Once established on the products all these symptoms abated and over time I was back to the healthy person I longed to be.
I now only take your products and use them with all my clients, despite being fully aware of the massive range of supplements on the market.”

Monica M. age 50


“I used to have violent headaches – doctors even took x-rays to search for the source of the problem. They discovered that I suffered from food allergies and my worst reaction was to tuna, which would actually make my heart stop. After nine months on Roots of Light formulas my allergies have stopped. Now I can eat tuna all day long!”

Pauline D.


“I experienced severe allergies that kept me house-bound on certain days during allergy season. I took Roots of Light formulas for about six months and have been symptom-free ever since.”

William Z.


“Osteoarthritis was the diagnosis I received while in the Navy which meant an immediate end to my Naval career. The only solution, I was told, was pain medication or a hip replacement. A friend of mine referred me to Roots of Light and I figured I had nothing to lose considering all the side effects I was experiencing with the drugs. Within two days I was feeling better, within two months I was out of pain entirely. I was able to be active with my sons in Boy Scouts and take them on backpacking and hiking trips. This was remarkable tome considering what the original diagnosis was. Now I’m back on my feet and able to leave the Roots of Light regimen that gave me back my mobility and my life. I still use them periodically to cleanse my body so I can stay in shape.”

Bill C.


“My son was diagnosed with ADD, and was being treated by a serologist who placed him on a series of drugs. Despite this regimen, he remained extremely depressed. The doctor adjusted his dosages frequently, but the depression continued to worsen until finally I was told that he should be hospitalized. Faced with the choice of hospitalization and more failed drug experimentation for my son, I decided to try Roots of Light for his problem. In one month he was a different kid! Thirteen months later, he is a happy, positive child with much-improved grades. He is once again sociable at school. I am thrilled with his progress.”

Lindy C.


My son was 7½ and still wetting the bed every night. After trying many behavioural strategies, acupuncture and chiropractic care, we tried the Self Esteem Formula. After 3 days of taking the product he had no accidents and after 1 week he was confident enough to stopping in pull-ups or even with a pad on his bed. He has had no accidents since

R.H. (age 8)


“I was constantly getting severe bladder infections and prescription antibiotics were not working. In fact, things only got worse. I began taking Roots of Light and the results were immediate and effective. Once while on vacation I forgot them and had to use off-the-shelf herbs from a local health food store. I had to use much more for longer periods of time before I saw any results. “

Betty Z.


“I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as a result of Epstein-Barr. My specialist put me on medication, but the side effects were very severe. I began falling asleep at the wheel of my car while driving with my young son and this terrified me. I turned to Roots of Light and had immediate relief from these sudden bouts of sleepiness and have also turned my CFS/EB around.

Betty Z.


“My doctor’s words were ‘you’ll just have to live with it because there is no effective treatment,’ when he diagnosed my symptoms as severe candida infection. I discovered Roots of Light and gave it a try. My candida has disappeared and I have my life back. Now I use Roots of Light for my entire family.”

Terry P.


I come from a long line of people with crooked teeth. My son’s (age 2 at the time) baby teeth came in crooked despite following a Weston Price style diet. After learning more about dental caries and abscesses with nutrition I decide if I could do something about the alignment of my boy’s teeth. I started increasing his fermented cod liver oil, and gave him Liver and Pancreas Blend. He devoured them like I was feeding him treats! In 4 months his baby teeth have straighten. They are even starting to make room for his adult teeth to come in.”

E. H. for C. H, aged 3


After 6 months of constant stomach pains due to nothing the medical doctor could identify, I took 1 capsule of Pancreas Formula. I had immediate results. The stomach pains stopped for an entire week after just 1 capsule!

K. C., age 72


My mother is 84 with mild dementia, incontinence, arthritis, and has eczema on her shinbone which was so stubborn nothing would move it.I have for years used organic foods and the best supplements, but I began to notice my mother getting more and more tired and very weak. She would fall asleep in the chair many times during the day which she never did before. Eventually she couldn’t even sit up to eat.Due to great weakness.I gave her several of the Fully Alive supplements. The next day my mother was full of energy, alive and alert. I couldn’t believe it! The eczema has completely gone and the arthritis attacks have all but disappeared.

Juricz B.


“I cried all the time, was terrified something terrible would happen to my children, and any little thing upset me to the point I could barely function. I was a nervous wreck. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, but I was too afraid to take the prescribed medications since I had seen my mother totally dependent upon her medication. I wanted a natural solution so I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life taking drugs. Roots of Light freed me from my depression and my life is normal again!”

Lorna L.


“Having had a lifetime of experience with depression, I feel compelled to share the success I have found through the use of Roots of Light herbs. I have probably been prescribed every anti-depressant the medical world has to offer.I hated all the side effects I had to endure,from feeling ‘revved up’ or ‘spaced-out’ to low libido and other sexual issues. Recently, I discovered Roots of Light herbs, and began dealing with my symptoms naturally. I am amazed. The effects of my depression lifted almost immediately, with none of the usual side effects. After three months, I am feeling whole for the first time in a long while.”

Ana A.


“I have a family history of diabetes, so when I began to have sores on my legs from my knees down, I knew I was in trouble. I went to lots of doctors, but nothing helped. I had known about herbs for many years, but had never found the combinations that could help me, until I came across Roots of Light. I began taking the Roots of Light formulas and the sores began to heal. I have found that the Roots of Light formulas are better than any I’ve found in the 15 years of trial and error.”

Betty S.


Daniel my 24 year son has difficulty concentrating on anything especially when he was in school. His behaviour was also confusing, one minute he would be fine, and the next he would become anger and abusive for no apparent reason. Often he didn’t remember what he had done. In 2013 he sustained 3 very serious head injuries in quick succession. By October he was forgetting words, sleeping day and night and unable to complete sentences or follow conversations. I was hardly able to recognize my son.A friend told me about the Fully Alive formulas and after consultation I start him on the products. I noticed a difference in my son in the first couple of days. His sentences became more formed, and the anger and frustration began to lessen. His energy returned and he became excited about life. It’s hard to believe that only a couple of months ago he was struggling to just make it through the day.

Irene H.


“I am a working single mom with a business of my own. A normal day for me begins at 6:30a.m. and ends around midnight. I used to rely on caffeine to get me through the day, but hated that jittery feeling. I discovered the Roots of Light formula Trust, and found it to be a ’smooth energy source.’ I have used it for a long time now in place of caffeine. I keep two bottles at all times, one at home and one at the office. I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Diana H.


“I am a very athletic woman in my early fifties. One morning I awoke with severe aches throughout my entire body. This condition continued for weeks, and I began to think I’d have to permanently alter my exercise routine. I started taking Female Fitness, and within a few days the aches and pains disappeared. Now I’m as active as I was before, and delighted to find that turning 50 doesn’t have to slow me down.

Madeline C.


“Many people in my family have been helped by the Roots of Light formulas. They work with no side effects and take care of all kinds of infections. I take them at the first sign of a cold or sore throat and they knock it out immediately. I always offer them to my co-workers and they get the same results. I only go to the doctor to placate my children. I’m too healthy to need a doctor and, amazingly, my doctor agrees.”

Pauline D.


“A few years ago I began experiencing severe discomfort in my stomach area and was told by my doctor that my gall bladder needed to be removed. Instead I began taking Roots of Light formulas for gall bladder and liver and they worked very quickly. After about six months I no longer needed even the maintenance formulas and I haven’t had any symptoms since.”

William Z.


“My daughter, Clarissa, was 16 years old when she had her second open-heart surgery. She had been heavily medicated throughout her young life, hospitalized often and for long periods of time. Her light seizures were treated with medications that the doctors said she’d be on for the rest of her life, making her unable to drive or live any semblance of a normal life. Her hair was falling out, she was always tired, her complexion was ashy and her lips were purple. After six months on Roots of Light formulas my teenager began coming back to life. She was able to discontinue her chemical medications. At her annual checkup the doctors were amazed and wanted to know what she had been doing. My daughter is 33 now and living a normal life.

CeeCee B.


“My haemorrhoids were so severe they required surgery. I had the “old fashioned” surgery, and the pain was excruciating! After a pregnancy they returned with a vengeance, and my doctor said I was facing another surgery. Remembering the pain, I decided to try an herbal alternative for this problem. I have been haemorrhoid-free for more than a year now, no surgery required!”

Carol B.


“I’ve suffered with genital herpes since the late ’70s. It was dormant for a long time, but in the late ’80s, with an increase of stress in my life, the outbreaks came more and more often. It was painful, embarrassing, and emotionally upsetting. When I began using the Roots of Light formulas, I noticed a tremendous change. The outbreaks stopped. I’ve experimented at various times over the years, stopping my herb program and trying something else. But nothing has come close to the consistent relief I get with my Roots of Light program.

Beth L.


“Immediately following my hysterectomy, my doctor put me on chemical hormones. I soon began to experience significant depression, and also noticed a severely reduced libido. I started taking prescription medication for the depression, but found that this had its own sexual side effects. The combination of my poorly balanced hormones and depressed libido drove me to the brink of sanity. After a year of suffering with these problems, I looked into the Roots of Light products for an alternative hormone replacement and anti-depressant. What a difference; within two weeks I started feeling better! For seven years now I’ve been using only Roots of Light for my hormone replacement, and at every annual check up my doctor says I look fabulous. ‘Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it,’ he says.”

Barbara P.


“At age 70 I began losing weight. Doctor after doctor couldn’t figure out what was happening to me and I was getting worse. Forty pounds later, my daughter suggested Roots of Light. I got on an herbal program and in less than a year, I was back on my feet. Now at 80,I feel wonderful. I know these herbs are keeping me going. I don’t feel 80, and people tell me I don’t look 80.

Florence S.


“I had two miscarriages and was very worried I might not be able to have children. My body was depleted and my hormones were imbalanced. I began taking Roots of Light herbs after my second miscarriage. They seemed to nurture my mind as well as my body, and I was able to have a healthy pregnancy. I now have two beautiful children.”

Kathy T.


“I’m 57 years old. I feel great and I’ve never had any hot flashes or night sweats. My moods are balanced and this balance has continued throughout menopause due to the Roots of Light formulas.”

Betty S.


I had poor circulation and nerve condition, varicose veins and muscle wasting following being hit by a car while on my bike many years ago. I did not believe anything would improve my leg after so many years. I had several sessions with a skilled chiropractor and followed up with Thyroid, Liver and Pancreas formulas. I could see improvements in my circulation and skin texture in 1 week. I followed up with Female Harmony. Now 6 months later, it looks as if I have an entirely new leg with no visible signs of spider veins or varicose veins. My muscle bulk is normal, and as a side effect my digestion has greatly improved.

Emily H. age 37


“I had always been very thin, wiry and energetic until I used birth control pills. I was bloated and emotional and cried all the time. A friend referred me to Roots of Light and within a couple of days I was much better mentally. Friends saw a dramatic difference and even asked me if I was in love, but in truth, it was the Roots of Light products giving me back myself. It took a little longer to get my body back in order, but the results for me were extraordinary.”

CeeCee B.


“My daughter, Clarissa, was 16 years old when she had her second open-heart surgery.She had been heavily medicated throughout her young life, hospitalized often and for long periods of time. Her light seizures were treated with medications that the doctors said she’d be on for the rest of her life, making her unable to drive or live any semblance of a normal life. Her hair was falling out, she was always tired, her complexion was ashy and her lips were purple. After six months on Roots of Light formulas my teenager began coming back to life. She was able to discontinue her chemical medications. At her annual checkup the doctors were amazed and wanted to know what she had been doing. My daughter is 33 now and living a normal life.

Stacy S.


“I have two sons and discovered Roots of Light just before having my second child. My eldest son was delivered after a long labor and hard birth. It took me quite a while to recover and to make matters worse,he was never a good sleeper. I began the Roots of Light program before my second pregnancy and continued it throughout. This time my energy was high, my labor was brief, the delivery was easier and I recovered quickly. My second son was more alert when he was born and has always been a good sleeper.”

Carol B.


“My hands were extremely dry, to the point of cracking open. The condition intensified in cold weather. My dermatologist gave me ointment, but that didn’t work. The skin on and around my fingertips hurt so badly that I wanted to cut them off. A friend suggested I look into Roots of Light. I was skeptical to say the least, and then I was amazed. Now this painful condition is totally gone.”

Sid H.


“After my second sinus surgery at age 19, my grandmother told me about Roots of Light. I lived in Florida at the time and was tremendously affected by all the fungus in the air. It was in my blood stream and surgery was not addressing the problem. Since beginning Roots of Light, I haven’t gone to the doctor at all. One thing I do know about these products is that they will change your life emotionally as well as physically.”

Stephanie C.


“I love to play tennis so much that I have a personal trainer to keep me in shape. I play at least 2-3 times per week, but I get a bad case of nerves before each match. I always take the Roots of Light Inner Peace, which allows me to stay focused, concentrate and play the best game I can. I’ve used Roots of Light formulas for a variety of complaints over the past 20 years. By the way, I am 76 years old. I don’t look it, I don’t feel it, and anyone who meets me for the first time can’t believe it.”

Pauline D.


“Now that the kids are older and driving me crazy, I am using the Roots of Light Blue Vervain with awesome results. I even have my oldest son on it. It’s incredible.”

Carol B.


“Seven years ago I was hypothyroid and extremely lethargic. I could hardly force myself to perform the simplest tasks. Although with medication some of my symptoms were relieved, over time the drugs took a toll on my body. I felt that I was not being helped medically, and I didn’t know where to turn. A friend referred me to Roots of Light. I began a program, and soon discovered that it allowed me to take less and less of my medication as my body normalized. One day I realized I actually felt good! The Roots of Light products balanced my body so I no longer needed drugs.”

Chris T.


I am a 61 year old male involved in marathons, cycling and tramping. I began feeling absolutely ghastly with extreme fatigue, weight gain, muscle weakness, constipation, dry scaly skin, ringing in my ears etc. I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. My GP said that I would have to be on thyroxin for the rest of my life so I decided I would rather deal with it naturally.For the first 6 month’s I tried homeopathy and a range of supplements recommended. I seemed to go downhill quite rapidly.I was struggling along serious thinking about selling my business as I had neither the energy nor the inclination to carry on.I started taking the Fully Alive products and improvement in my health was quite rapid. After a couple of months I am very happy to say that I am back exercising and all the symptoms of an under active thyroid are gone. My weight is now back to normal and I have just completed a big day out chain sawing to ute loads of firewood and splitting all of it by hand—something that few men my age would be able to accomplish

Don F.


I was struggling with frequent cold and flu symptoms, weight gain, hot flushes, headaches,fatigue, poor concentration, bloating and eczema. The medical doctor did not have much to offer as a solution. After 6 weeks on Thyroid. Liver and Pancreas blends I lost 7kg without dieting, my concentration improved, the hot flushes and headaches stopped, and the eczema reduced from many areas to a small patch. My bloating is much better and my emotions are more settled.

L. T. age 29