Fully Alive Glandular’s and Roots of Light Herbals are unique lines of animal and plant based products developed straight from nature. Ingredients are sourced from around the world and blended specifically to maximise the best that nature has to offer. Roots of Light and Fully Alive Foods are companion products designed to work together to bring you a new level of health.

Herbal Formulas – Roots of Light

Science has known for some time that there is a connection between the physical health of the body and the emotional wellbeing of the person.  Unfortunately, the products on the market today have not caught up with this important research. As a result, you can find products that treat the body, or products that heal the emotions, but nothing that works with both.

Roots of Light® herbals formulas were developed in response to the need for a product that combines the physical and the emotional in the same remedy. By bringing balance to the emotional body and nutrition to the physical body simultaneously, the Roots of Light® formulas offer a new approach to solving current health problems.

“I am a very athletic woman in my early fifties.  One morning I awoke with severe aches throughout my entire body. This condition continued for weeks and I began to think I’d have to permanently alter my exercise routine. I started taking Female Fitness, and within a few days the aches and pains disappeared. Now I’m as active as I was before, and delighted to find that turning 50 doesn’t have to slow me down.”

Madeleine C. 

Freeze-dried Organs and Glandulars – Fully Alive Foods

Recognising that modern diets do not provide adequate nutrition for a healthy body, we have also developed a line of nutrient dense freeze-dried organs and glands from grass-fed New Zealand animals. The Fully Alive® products are carefully selected and specifically formulated according to the way the organs and glands work with one another in the body. Blending in this way has allowed us to enhance cellular communication which produces a superior product.

I was struggling with frequent cold and flu symptoms, weight gain, hot flushes, headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, bloating and eczema. After 6 weeks on Thyroid. Liver and Pancreas blends I lost 7kg without dieting, my concentration improved, the hot flushes and headaches stopped and my emotions are more settled.

T. 29 years old 

All Natural Skin Care – Young Again

Ancient practices of skin care have always involved two primary substances: oil and water. These were considered sacred substances and skincare was an art involving nature. Recognising the value of this ancient practice, a base of special oils and water was used and then a futuristic twist was added.

Through the miracle of Quantum Physics, the light frequency signature of crucial plant and animal ingredients have been utilised to make these products truly unique. The marriage of these past and future techniques is called ‘Young Again’; anti-aging skincare that is so natural you could eat it!

I have been using the Young Again skin care for several months. My skin is much more hydrated and soft. My friends have commented about how young I look, and I feel it! I highly recommend these products for aging skin.


Animal Care – Fauna Fitness

Coming in 2024