Health Breakthroughs with Willow Rand

Intuitive Herbalist & Health Educator

Welcome. Let me tell you about how I work, and how I can help you get started on a journey to real health.

My approach to health issues is a unique blend of science and intuition. I use your health history, diet and list of symptoms to lead me to the root cause of your problems. Clearing the root of any health problem always involves every aspect of yourself; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To accomplish this I have created both plant and animal-based formulas which I source from around the world to work on all of these levels. This process not only resolves your current symptoms but results in a completely new level of health.

The education you will receive about how your body actually works and what it needs to remain healthy will be like getting an owner’s manual.You will finally be in the driver’s seat; equipped with the information you need to continue in this new direction.

To find out more about your specific needs, email me at  [email protected] or call +64 9 433 5011.

The REAL Health Programme

Your programme will consist of an initial consultation, weekly follow-ups, handouts plus the appropriate herbal formulas and products for your health needs.  A programme typically lasts 3-9 months and involves an initial consultation and continuing education through weekly follow-ups that help you understand how your body works and what it needs, so you can take charge of your health.

We begin a typical programme with a one-hour session. Then I follow up with you weekly to help you stay on track, review your formulas and help you make continuing progress.

Consultation Fees

The initial one-hour consultation of $190 is followed by $120/mth after that which covers weekly phone check-ins and email follow-up support.  Fees include consultation, numerous educational handouts and email and phone support (overseas clients call in).

Products and formulas are in addition and usually amount to approx. $250-350 per month.

(Yes, you may need different formulas from one month to the next. You’re likely to notice changes within weeks and sometimes days, so we review your programme more often than many practitioners tend to do, adding and changing formulas as we go, so you are constantly moving ahead. This unique approach is how you can finally get back to REAL health.)


CONTACT Willow Rand.

Email me at: [email protected] or call: +64 9 433 5011 .