My life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 27. I’d always been a strong willed person, so I responded to the news by rejecting chemotherapy and then went home to have a good cry.
After the tears subsided I was determined to prove the doctors wrong and survive. A friend suggested that I consider herbs, and recommended what I can only describe as a country healer. Although this idea sounded a little Voodoo-ish to me I agreed to go because, quite frankly, I would have slept with a dead chicken under my pillow if I thought it would help. And, more importantly, I didn’t have a better idea.

As I bombarded the woman with question after question, she began to pull books off the shelf and put them in a pile. At the end of the session I left with an enormous stack of books, a big bag of herbs and a radical diet change. When I arrived home I unplugged the phone and the television and immersed myself in my many new books.

After a couple of weeks following the healer’s instructions I felt strongly that the dosages and formulas needed to be adjusted. I made the changes and called her to let her know what I had done. Her response was simple: “You’re on your own, you don’t need me anymore.”

It was at that moment that I realised that I was working from an instinctual part of myself that knew exactly what to do. I continued to make changes and adjustments and three months later I was sure the cancer was gone. The results of my next visit to the doctor proved to be a shock to everyone but me. I was cancer free!

This was the beginning of my life’s work; to share what I learned about healing and to make available the unique products that grew out of those experiences.

Intuitive Herbalist and Health Educator

Willow Rand was diagnosed with terminal uterine cancer at the age of 27. Desperate for options she sought help from a country healer. After working with herbs for only three months, she was examined by physicians again and told that she no longer had cancer. This proved to be the inspiration for her life’s work.

Frustrated with what was available to the public, she began developing her own herbal products. Willow spent seven years carefully creating herbal formulas that have positive and powerful physiological and psychological-emotional effects.

She established a clinic in her home state of Texas offering a range of alternative health services including iridology and herbal therapies and has been working directly with clients for 38 years. In 2003 she settled in beautiful New Zealand where she continues to create new formulas and educate the world about real health.