If it seems like all your relationships are dependent on you, or you experience life as a victim, it‘s time to declare your Independence. This formula clears the pattern of attracting parasitic relationships and allows a new strength to emerge. Independence is associated with parasitic activity in the body.

Historically the following herbs were used for these purposes:


  • helps the elimination of all forms of parasites. including candida, funguses, amoebas, and viruses, as well as worms
  • useful for prostate problems, most of which are parasitic in nature (Self Esteem, and Male Maintenance should be added for this problem)

Ingredients:  Green Black Walnut Hulls, Purple Loose Strife, White Pond Lily,Cranberry Extract, Wormwood, Cajeput, Olive Leaf, Clove

100 caps.  

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 105 mm


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