Pancreas Blend


Diabetes and hypoglycemia have reached epidemic proportions throughout modern society. With the extensive use of sugar, flour and grains in the average diet the pancreas has been forced to produce insulin on a constant basis which causes it to eventually stop working. Unable to utilize glucose in foods in the case of diabetes or insulin resistance, the body must store it in the fat cells which causes weight gain. Pig pancreas and small intestine have been chosen for this formula because of the incredible strength of the pig’s digestive system. Cow stomach also aids in digestive repair. Eyes have been added because vision loss is a major problem with diabetes.

The pancreas is the part of the body that facilitates what we experience in our lives. Unfortunately, because of the fast pace and high level of stress that our current lifestyle requires, most people function strictly in survival mode. This causes the pancreas to malfunction, and what we create becomes distorted. We lose focus and our sense of direction. This special blend enables the pancreas to begin the process of healing and instead of just living in a state of survival we can become the architects of our lives.

90 Caps.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried Porcine Pancreas, Small Intestineand Bovine stomach and eyes.

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 105 mm


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