Organ glandular nutrition is superior to any other form of supplement to in three important ways:

  1. Animal tissues are a concentrated source of nutrients. They are much higher in vitamins, minerals and enzymes than plants, and their nutrients occur naturally in perfect balance to one another.  This cannot be said of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are produced in a laboratory.  Those have a tendency to function more like drug than a nutrient.  Laboratory enzymes discourage the body’s own digestive function, frequently leading to organ shut-down, due to the physiological feedback system, which tells the body there is no need to produce these enzymes.  The same shutdown occurs with hormone therapy.
  2. Animal tissue has an affinity for the same tissue in humans.  Raw glandular tissue contains intrinsic protein factors which are synergistic with the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, hormones and fatty acids contained within the gland.  This means that the raw cellular material of a bovine kidney, for example, will be picked up from the lymph in the human kidney when ingested.  These tissue-specific particles draw other essential nutrients to the gland or organ for repair and maintenance.
  3. Organ glandular nutrition not only has all the necessary nutrients to sustain health in a form that the body accepts, but it also provides everything needed for the repair and maintenance of the body.  Add to that, the enzymes and hormones required for the transmutation of important elements, and you have the perfect whole food supplement.  This incredible breakthrough completely changes our view of how the body works and how we will choose to heal it.